Fire & EMS Departments

Fire and EMS Department

The Hamburg Fire Department rose out of the ashes of several bad fires in Hamburg, NJ. Up until December 16, 1909, the burning of the Broom Factory was the worst fire the Borough had experienced. On December 23, 1909, a week after the Broom Factory fire, the Hamburg Fire Department was established. In 1910, the first chief of the department was Frank Smith along with 17 charter members. On April 6, 1911, the Firemen’s Relief Association was formed to support and aid firemen. On April 11, 1915, the department was incorporated . In 1917, the equipment was changed from outdated rubber buckets to a portable four man hand pump owned buy the Hawthorne Fire Department. In 1927, fire hydrants and water systems were installed. The earliest known fire alarm to sound in Hamburg was a wheel from an old steam train locomotive which was struck by hand.

In 1919, the Hamburg Fire Department formed the Sussex County Firemen’s Association.

Up through 1998, there were 77 chiefs in which some of the chiefs have served more than 1 year with the department.

Up through 1995 there have been 27 major fires in town.

For more information on details regarding the history of the Fire Department, EMS and Auxiliary please contact Marion Wood, president of the Historical Society, for her book “All About Hamburg”.

Currently the department consists of 2 engines, a rescue truck and a chief’s vehicle.

In the 1990’s, the fire department merged with the EMS division. The EMS division currently consists of 2 rigs.

We have several members from the fire department that has crossed trained.

The Hamburg Fire Department consists of 30 volunteer  Active Members and Active Exempt Members.

The EMS consists of 20 volunteer EMT’s and other members.

2018 – Firematic

• Chief – Richard Padgett, Jr.
• Assistant Chief – Charles Kazella
• 1st Lieutenant – Michael Palmer
• 2nd Lieutenant – William Oehler
• Drillmaster – James McCurry
• Assistant Drillmaster – Scott Nicolai

2018 –  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Officers

• Captain – Jennifer Brennan
• First Lieutenant – Joyce Oehler
• Second Lieutenant – Cynthia Palmer

2018 – Civil Officers

• President – Michael Schneider
• Vice President – Gerald Youkon
• Secretary – Charles McMickle
• Assistant Secretary – Amy Jo Kays
• Treasurer – Sidney Crum, Jr.
• Assistant Treasurer – Keith Sukennikoff
• Chaplain – Robert Russell
• Assistant Chaplain – Charles Zweigle

Dates to Remember:
  • Blood Drive in the Fire House meeting room every second Friday of the month.
Volunteers Needed

Members are needed for the Hamburg Fire Department and EMS. Please contact the below numbers if you are interested in:
Fire Department -(973) 827-5577 and leave a message.
EMS – (973) 271-9031

Fire / EMS Application

All training and uniforms are paid for by the state and/or department.

Fire Pavilion and Hall Rentals

Please call – (973) 827 – 5577* and ask for the following:
Charles McMickle – Fire Department Hall
Kevin Decker – Fire Pavilion
* Please leave a detailed message

Recalls:To Access color photos of the recalled products, click here for CPSC’s website. Kidde recalls to replace fire extinguishers due to failure to operate.

Richard Padgett, Jr.
Fire Chief