Zoning & property Maintenance

Zoning Officer / Property Maintenance Officer

Additions, Remodeling, General Home Improvements

The proper applications and inspections must be completed for all improvements done to your property including but not limited to decks, pools, fence, shed, additions, etc.

A zoning permit is needed before anything else. Allow ten (10) business days for your completed application to be approved or denied.  An approved Zoning Permit will be forwarded to the Building Department for review.  Allow twenty (20) business days from the date of the approved zoning permit for the building permit to be processed.

**Hamburg Borough has entered a shared service agreement with Hardyston Township for the position of the Zoning Officer and Property Maintenance Officer. All questions regarding zoning permits and property maintenance should be directed to Mr. Stabile**

Zoning Map

Jeffrey R. Stabile
Zoning Officer/Property Maintenance Officer
149 Wheatsworth Road
Hardyston, NJ 07419
Phone (973) 823-7020  ext 9455
Fax (973) 823-7021